Talking Agile to Executives

Talking Agile to Executives

Checklist for Agile Coaches speaking to Execs:

  • Five-minute talking points


  • Give a high-level plan, e.g.
    Ref page 20 & 17 of
  • Speak to CEO’s interests
    • Measured on Yield: value last year vs this year,
      not care about how it’s delivered, or the team and its motivation
    • Main concerns: cost, delivery, timeline
    • Other high-level metrics
    • Business Case: check at the end that the results match the business case,
      have interim checks
    • Check Global factors & events, e.g. industry impact of Russia bombing Syria
  • Speak CEO’s language
    • Find out their pain
    • Find out the CEO Powerful Questions, e.g. have any results ever been guaranteed? What can we learn from that? When have you learned the most?
    • Have arguments with examples to illustrate
    • Recommend options, shows that you have done due diligence, considered the bigger picture


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