Inspiring customers through data driven product decisions

Overall Goal:

In order to inspire their customers, I (as a coach) want to help my clients to focus on defining clear business goals, identifying metrics to measure success and take data driven decisions.

Step I: Create awareness

a) Ask provoking questions e.g.

  • How do you ensure you are building the right thing?
  • How do you know you are creating benefits for your users?
  • How do you identify perceived benefits for your users?

b) Confronting the client with data e.g.

  • In general pareto principle applies to software products e.g. 20% of features create 80% of the value
  • Examples from previous projects
  • According statistics from their own product

Step II: Explain Concept e.g. Lean Startup

a) What kind of concepts exist?

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 09.48.27

b) What are the goals & benefits of each concept and what is it all about e.g. Lean Startup?

Goal: Learn fast about what the customer really needs?

How it works:
lean startup

Step III: Concrete actions
As a next step one should encourage his client to fill out a business model canvas for their product, define concrete MVPs (or additional feature sets for existing products), identify metrics to measure success, measure and inspect & adapt the business model (see picture below).


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