Creating Alignment Between Product Goals and Overall Organizational Strategy

Overall Goal:

In order to enable companies creating sustainable products/businesses, I (as a coach) want to help my clients to align their product goals with the overall organizational strategy.

Step I: Create awareness

a) Ask provoking questions e.g.

  • What is your company’s vision?
  • What is your strategy to achieve the vision?
  • What kind of products do you have?
  • Which of these relate to your company’s strategy to achieve the vision?
  • How do you know that these products match your strategy, how do you measure it?
  • Is your vision measurable and concrete?

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 11.51.20

b) Confronting the client with data and examples e.g.

  • 90% of startups/ new products fail –> you need to experiment a lot (or have a better approach) to make sure you get to the right innovations
  • If you don’t innovate you die e.g.
    • Blockbuster killed by Netflix and others
    • SMS (as a technology) killed by Apps like What’sApp
    • Blackberry (as a product and the company behind it RIM) and Nokia killed by Apple’s iPhone and Samsung+Google’s Android devices
    • Yahoo’s traditional model of being a platform killed by Google search
    • General Retail e.g. Kaufhof being killed by Amazon/Zalando
    • Existing TV (as a technology of providing content) is being killed by Netflix, iTunes but also YouTube
    • Barnes & Noble (bookstore) killed by Amazon and esp. its ebook Reader Kindle
    • Internet Explorer killed by Google Chrome
    • CDs (as a technology) killed by napster and later iTunes (with implications for the whole music industry)

Step II: Explain Concept

a) What kind of concepts exist?

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 11.38.13

Step III: Concrete actions

As an organization you need to define concrete metrics for your organizational goal/vision and underlying strategy (where to play and how to win). You need to review these metrics regularly and inspect & adapt.

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